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107:45 – 08:45Pembuka, Keynote speakerCiputra HallVidya Jaisaree, Martin Blackburn
208:45 – 09:15Morning TeaElementary AreaTeam
309:15 – 10:45Workshop Session 1Pre Elementary and Elementary ClassTeacher
410:45 – 11:00Istirahat / TransisiElementary AreaTeam
511:00 – 12:30Workshop Session 2Pre Elementary and Elementary ClassTeacher
612:30 – 13:00Makan Siang PenutupElementary AreaAll Team
713:00 - 13:30Photo Booth SessionElementary Admin Foyer 


How to Build Resilience and Positive Self Image in Children

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[Collapse]Title: 3 SABER (SAma-sama BERgerak,SAma-sama BERpikir,SAma-sama BERsosialisasi) (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Kegiatan pembelajaran aktif yang mengembangkan kemampuan motorik, kemampuan memecahkan masalah dalam kelompok serta kemampuan bersosial dalam pelajaran olahraga.
  Session 1FaridIndonesiaMPH1514
  Session 2FaridIndonesiaMPH1513
[Collapse]Title: Active and fun learning (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Planning and creating active and fun learning . How to make your lesson become more active ,interesting and fun for student. Perencanaan pembelajaran yang active dan menyenangkan bagi siswa .
  Session 1Erni KusnawatiBilingualMPR (R. 304)2120
  Session 2Harlina BasariahBilingualMPR (R. 304)2120
[Collapse]Title: Activities & Tasks for Teaching Grammar (SD-SMP)
 [Collapse]Description: Teaching grammar can be a daunting prospect. However, light-hearted activities with meaningful reinforcement of form and function can make teaching and learning more enjoyable and effective. In this workshop we will learn with practical examples to be used in the classroom.
  Session 1Sam BougheyBilingualPYP 4C (R. 214)2015
  Session 2Dyah Ayu RatnawatiBilingualPYP 4C (R. 214)2010
[Collapse]Title: APE sebagai sarana penunjang pembelajaran (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Bermain merupakan sifat naluriah seorang anak. Bermain membantu mengembangkan imajinasi anak, kreativitas, kemampuan dalam memecahkan masalah dan meningkatkan keterampilan sosial. Permainan edukatif merupakan permainan yang dirancang agar dapat menjadi sarana untuk menunjang pembelajaran bagi anak usia dini. Dengan menggunakan permainan edukatif, anak bisa bermain sekaligus belajar secara efektif.
  Session 1LinaIndonesiaPG B4 (R. 133)1918
  Session 2Bernadette ElsiIndonesiaPG B4 (R. 133)1918
[Collapse]Title: Approach to Learning in Science and Academic Writing (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Teaching nowadays need an innovation in approach. So, in this workshop we will discuss variety learning approach to get the best practice in science and how to implement academic writing in specific subject.
  Session 1Mastentram WidjajaBilingualMANDARIN 1 & 5 (R.207)207
  Session 2Wahyudi, SPd.BilingualMANDARIN 1 & 5 (R.207)207
[Collapse]Title: Asking the Right Questions (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: A set of activities which aim to help us consider the questions we ask and how to phrase them in order to maximise their effectiveness. (Serangkaian kegiatan yang bertujuan untuk membantu kita memaksimalkan dan mempertimbangkan pilihan pertanyaan yang akan ditanyakan serta bagaimana kita menyusunnya secara efektif.)
  Session 1MarkusBilingualPYP 4B (R. 212)2111
  Session 2Budi WantoroBilingualPYP 4B (R. 212)214
[Collapse]Title: Develop a Love for Writing (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Having a hard time getting your students to sit down and write? We will talk about different types of writing, how to help struggling students and how to develop their love for writing.
  Session 1LieneBilingualPYP 5C (R. 218)209
  Session 2Carolina Patricia S.BilingualPYP 5C (R. 218)209
[Collapse]Title: Diverse perspectives, unified communities (Leadership) (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: In our current social context, the need to find common ground on which to work is essential to our well-being and our progress as individuals, organizations and the entire global community. For school leaders, this means finding ways to consider the ideas and opinions of teachers, students and parents and then find ways to reach agreement on the best way forward for the school. It means understanding consensus-building and using a team approach to creating the safest and most productive learning environment for all stakeholders. In this workshop we will explore how we can use diversity as a strength in our schools and how we can create a unified school community within that diversity. Kita tidak sama tetapi kita bekerja sama.
  Session 1Gatut SamuelBilingualSD-Borobudur Room2121
  Session 2Vidya JaisareeBilingualSD-Borobudur Room2119
[Collapse]Title: Entrepreneurship 5 Lines (SD-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Entrpreneurship 5 lines merupakan learning cycle pembelajaran entrepreneurship. Objektif apa saja dalam setiap tahapanya? Dengan objektif dalam setiap tahapan learning cycle, pola pikir anak akan terstruktur dan jiwa intrepreneurshipnya akan berbinar.
  Session 1MakaliIndonesiaPYP 3C (R. 213)2015
  Session 2MakaliIndonesiaPYP 3C (R. 213)2017
[Collapse]Title: Fakta, Konsep ataukah Argumen (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Memformulasikan pertanyaan yang tepat (inquiry questions) untuk mengarahkan dan menyusun pembelajaran sehingga memberi kesempatan kepada setiap siswa untuk aktif dan mendapatkan hasil yang optimal.
  Session 1Mark HukomIndonesiaPYP 4A (R. 210)2014
  Session 2Mark HukomIndonesiaPYP 4A (R. 210)209
[Collapse]Title: Fun Formative Assessment Workshop (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Formative assessment is used to improve teaching and learning in the class. The formative assessment can be done informally, on a regular basis and in a fun way.
  Session 1Merry InggarwatiBilingualPYP 2C (R. 204)2017
  Session 2Victoria DwisantyBilingualPYP 2C (R. 204)2020
[Collapse]Title: Games with Literacy (SD-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Fun and engaging activities that you can use across languages which don’t require lots of preparation or materials.
  Session 1Stanley SuhadiBilingualPYP 2B (R. 202)2017
  Session 2BagusBilingualPYP 2B (R. 202)2012
[Collapse]Title: Leading for Well-Being (Leadership) (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: This session will be focused on Leading For Well-Being. By examining strategies to ensure well-being and balance within ourselves we can learn to understand what it is that our students need to be successful. Modeling a healthy and balanced lifestyle for staff, students, and parents is the best way for encouraging well-being in your community. A look at recent brain-research, strategies for developing a culture of respect, and suggestions for leading with balance will headline this session.
  Session 1Bret OlsonBilingualPYP 6A (R. 301)2017
  Session 2Desita MeganingsihBilingualPYP 6A (R. 301)2019
[Collapse]Title: Learning (and Teaching) Vocabulary (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: We will be exploring a number of activities and tools for a language (English) class, and other subjects. Some of which are current technology that students and teachers may be familiar with and use outside the class. Bring your laptop and/ mobile phone and let's learn new words.
  Session 1Dewi NuraeniBilingualPYP EAL242
  Session 2Lolita RataweymingBilingualPYP EAL243
[Collapse]Title: Learning center (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Apakah pembelajaran sentra itu (learning corner)? Bagaimana mempersiapkan pembelajaran sentra yang menarik dan interaktif? Pembelajaran sentra yang menarik dan interaktif mampu memfasilitasi proses pembelajaran siswa di kelas.
  Session 1Swastika P.IndonesiaPYP B41818
  Session 2Hana WangsaIndonesiaPYP B41816
[Collapse]Title: Managing Student's Social Emotional Learning (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Social Emotional Learning is an effective way to enhance well-being. It helps students develop skills to manage day-to-day events in their whole life within school and beyond. So, how do we improve students' well being and SEL competencies to support learning? In this workshop, we will try to seek the answer to this question and also to learn practical strategies to implement social emotional learning in your own classroom and at your school in general.
  Session 1Yan YuliusBilingualPYP 6B (R. 303)2121
  Session 2Diana SumadiantiBilingualPYP 6B (R. 303)2121
[Collapse]Title: Menanamkan Pembelajaran Kreatif Terintegrasi dan Berkarakter dalam Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Kegiatan pembelajaran kreatif akan mengembangkan pola pikir kreatif yang terintegrasi pembelajaran satu dan yang lainnya serta menanamkan karakter dalam pembelajaran merupakan tantangan dunia pendidikan maya masa kini.
  Session 1Fery Dwi NoviyantoIndonesiaMANDARIN 3 & 6 (R. 302)2020
  Session 2Cecilia MartasalimIndonesiaMANDARIN 3 & 6 (R. 302)2019
[Collapse]Title: Menangani Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Bagaimana cara mengenali gejala-gejala yang muncul pada anak berkebutuhan khusus? Apa saja strategi dan permainan yang dapat dilakukan untuk memfasilitasi anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus dalam proses belajar mengajar dikelas? Sebagai tenaga pengajar, kita dirtuntut untuk dapat memfasilitasi anak-anak dengan mengenali sekaligus memfasilitasi anak-anak dengan kebutuhan yang beragam dalam proses belajar mengajar dikelas, termasuk anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus. Dalam workshop ini, kita akan belajar mengenai ciri-ciri anak berkebutuhan khusus serta strategi yang dapat dilakukan dalam menunjang proses belajarnya dikelas (non-inklusi).
  Session 1Julia Ika PratiwiIndonesiaPYPA1 (R. 127)2019
  Session 2Kenang TantriIndonesiaPYPA1 (R. 127)2020
[Collapse]Title: Menata kelas yang lebih kondusif (classroom learning environment) (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Pengaturan dan penciptaan kelas yang kondusif sangat diperlukan untuk membantu belajar dan mengajar. Kelas yang kondusif akan memotivasi belajar siswa. Bagaimana menciptakan tata ruang kelas yang kondusif sehingga dapat menunjang proses pembelajaran siswa di tingkat PG - TK?
  Session 1Dendy Rossa T.IndonesiaPG B2 (R. 130)2018
  Session 2Dian Handayani S.IndonesiaPG B2 (R. 130)2019
[Collapse]Title: Mengantar siswa mencapai sukses dalam pembelajaran (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Tugas guru adalah memberikan akomodasi yang tepat bagi siswa dengan berbagai kondisi agar sukses dalam pembelajarannya. Dalam workshop ini peserta akan belajar tentang: prinsip pengajaran yang baik dan strategi mengatasi halangan belajar.
  Session 1M.Rr. AnggraeniIndonesiaPYP 1C (R. 107)2020
  Session 2Fifijawati KosasihIndonesiaPYP 1C (R. 107)2020
[Collapse]Title: Mengembangkan Kesejahteraan Siswa (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Berbagai strategi yang dilakukan oleh guru maupun pihak sekolah agar siswa berada dalam suasana kondusif yang membuat siswa merasa aman dan nyaman sehingga memberikan dampak yang positif kepada siswa baik secara akademis maupun non-akademis.
  Session 1Lana JovitaBilingualPYP 1A (110)207
  Session 2Julie IkayantiBilingualPYP 1A (110)208
[Collapse]Title: Mengembangkan pola pikir inkuiri dan kreatif dalam pembelajaran Matematika (SD-SMP)
 [Collapse]Description: Pembelajaran mengembangkan kemampuan berpikir kritis dan kreatif untuk memecahkan masalah yang berkaitan dengan kehidupan sehari-hari dengan cara mengetahui, memahami, dan menggunakan pengetahuan, konsep dan keterampilan menghitung yang dimiliki da
  Session 1Wijati MeruIndonesiaPYP 5A (R. 219)2014
  Session 2Yosef Budi S.IndonesiaPYP 5A (R. 219)2020
[Collapse]Title: Mindfulness (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: How to use mindfulness to promote positive mental health both in the classroom and in our personal lives. We will explore a range of mindfulness activities including traditional mediation, active mediation and mindful moments. This workshop will requ
  Session 1Penelope WebbBilingualPYP 1D (R. 109)1514
  Session 2AldilaBilingualPYP 1D (R. 109)1514
[Collapse]Title: Model Kelas Pembelajaran Terintegrasi di TK (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Untuk mengakomodasi kebutuhan dan keberagaman cara belajar siswa, digunakan kelas dengan model pembelajaran terintegrasi. Pembelajaran ini mengintegrasikan beberapa aspek perkembangan siswa, seperti kebahasaan, logika berpikir dan seni dalam suatu tema.
  Session 1Denok RahayuIndonesiaPYPB1 (R. 132)2017
  Session 2Mirna IndonesiaPYPB1 (R. 132)2020
[Collapse]Title: Nature, Nutrition and Kids Yoga: A Journey Into Holistic Education. (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: What is Holistic Education? Simply, holistic education nurtures a sense of wonder and engages students morally and spiritually with life around them. In this workshop we will explore the many benefits of movement and mindfulness, discuss the importance of eating natural foods and how to prepare them, and get a sense of the effects the natural world has upon us.
  Session 1AmandaBilingualPERPORMING ART ROOM (R. 002)2113
  Session 2YohannesBilingualPERPORMING ART ROOM (R. 002)2114
[Collapse]Title: Pembelajaran Literasi Melalui Bermain (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Dalam workshop ini akan membicarakan tentang pentingnya mengajarkan literasi melalui permainan kepada pelajar usia dini. Hal ini dikarenakan lewat permainan, pelajar usia dini dapat lebih menyerap dan menggunakannya dalam kehidupan mereka sehari-hari. Maka dari itu, akan diperkenalkan juga cara-cara mengajarkan literasi secara menyenangkan untuk pelajar usia dini.
  Session 1Kartika WardhaniIndonesiaPYPA2 (R. 126)2019
  Session 2Yosephine Mayasari UsbokoIndonesiaPYPA2 (R. 126)2020
[Collapse]Title: Pembelajaran Matematika melalui bermain (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Bermain adalah cara alami yang bisa digunakan untuk mengajarkan beberapa keahlian untuk anak usia dini. Melalui bermain, anak-anak dapat mengeksplorasi, mencari tahu, membangun dan mendapatkan pemahaman belajar melalui dunia mereka. Guru dapat menggunakan momen ini sebagai cara untuk menyampaikan pembelajaran.
  Session 1Linda SuprihatinIndonesiaPYPB3 (R. 121)2017
  Session 2VineIndonesiaPYPB3 (R. 121)2018
[Collapse]Title: Pendekatan Interpersonal "Kid's Jaman Now" (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: "Restorative and Justice" sebagai salah satu alternative pemecahan masalah kedisiplinan pada "Kid's Jaman Now"
  Session 1Budhi HartoBilingualMANDARIN 2 & 4 (R. 206)2016
  Session 2Ria ChandraBilingualMANDARIN 2 & 4 (R. 206)2020
[Collapse]Title: Positive Learning Experiences (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: How to promote greater interaction, greater feelings of acceptance, greater liking of classmates, more positive expectation, and high self-esteem and self-acceptance
  Session 1Catherina LauraBilingualPYP 2D (R. 205)158
  Session 2Lucia Septi M.BilingualPYP 2D (R. 205)1513
[Collapse]Title: Resources to encouraging language learning (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Students will examine different practical ways to encourage students to be language learners. Participants will view and make a range of resources (books) suitable for students of all ages to promote and assist student participation in both writing, reading and speaking.
  Session 1Lorelle PetersonBilingualPYP 1B (R. 108)159
  Session 2Ike NovitasariBilingualPYP 1B (R. 108)159
[Collapse]Title: Sains dalam integrasi STEM (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: STEM merupakan singkatan dari sebuah pendekatan pembelajaran interdisiplin antara Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Pendekatan ini mampu menciptakan sebuah sistem pembelajaran secara kohesif dan pembelajaran aktif karena keempat aspek
  Session 1KusriniIndonesiaPYP 6C (R. 306)2014
  Session 2Ambar ListiowatiIndonesiaPYP 6C (R. 306)2014
[Collapse]Title: Should Student Success Include Happiness? (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: If we want our students to become happy adults, research suggests that schools should focus more on students' well-being than academic success. This workshop will focus on how to deal with students' personality and how they connect to the way students act, think, and reflect on themselves. This workshop will also gives some tips and tricks on how to deal with various personality which students have.
  Session 1Stefana Evi IndrasariIndonesiaPYP 5B (R.217)209
  Session 2LulukIndonesiaPYP 5B (R.217)2012
[Collapse]Title: Socratic Seminar (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: A Socratic seminar is a formal discussion where students help other students to gain a deeper understanding of ideas and issues from a text. Instead of debating, students are actively involved in a discussion where there is no right and wrong answer. Students are encouraged to think out loud, sharing ideas openly and examining the text in a thoughtful manner.
  Session 1KustiaBilingualPYP 3A (R. 209)153
  Session 2AnikBilingualPYP 3A (R. 209)153
[Collapse]Title: Strategies for Working with Children with Anxiety. (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: A workshop looking at how to understand and recognize anxiety in young children, and strategies to help those children realize their potential as learners.
  Session 1Dylan BraithwaiteBilingualPYPA3 (R. 128)2019
  Session 2Kresna YuswantiBilingualPYPA3 (R. 128)2020
[Collapse]Title: Think to learn, Learn to think (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Pembelajaran mengembangkan kemampuan berpikir anak usia dini dengan berbagai cara kreatif.
  Session 1DidikIndonesiaPGA2 (R. 120)2016
  Session 2Erning TriIndonesiaPGA2 (R. 120)2020
[Collapse]Title: What is inquiry-based learning class look like? (TK-SD)
 [Collapse]Description: As educators we are charged with the great challenge and responsibility of engaging students in learning so that they develop the skills and knowledge they need to function in today’s world. Questions and concerns abound. How do we instill the skills
  Session 1tatik rahayuBilingualPYP 2A (R. 201)2119
  Session 2YulitaBilingualPYP 2A (R. 201)2117
[Collapse]Title: WHAT IS M.A.T.H. WORKSHOP? A Common Method to Mathematics Instruction (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: M.A.T.H. workshop is a framework that allows students to learn new math content each day, practice math strategies in a variety of ways, and reflect on learning through verbal or written sharing. The predictable structure of math workshop makes it easier for students to participate in differentiated activities.
  Session 1Hestya UtamiBilingualPYP 3B (R. 211)2121
  Session 2PalupiBilingualPYP 3B (R. 211)2112
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