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107:45 – 09.00Opening and Keynote SessionOnlineMartin Blackburn, Christine Stayte
209.00 - 09.15BreakOnlineTeam
309:15 – 10:35Workshop Session 1 OnlineTeachers
410:35 – 10.55TransitionOnlineTeam
510.55 - 12.15Workshop Session 2 OnlineTeachers
612.15 - 13.00Lunch timeOnlineAll Teams


Building a transformational education for the ever changing situations and times.

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[Collapse]Title: Applying Design Thinking in Different Ways in Class (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Design thinking is a problem-solving process that students participate in and regularly make and design products or ideas. The structure in design thinking supports the scaffolding in the inquiry process. In the end, the students will have the skills to tackle a complex problem.
  Session 1HESTYA UTAMIBilingualD-202Online
  Session 2ANI FENNY GESABilingualD-202Online
[Collapse]Title: BIG hEARt: Helping Students Deal with Social Emotional Problems in School (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: The impact arising from the use of gadgets by students of this millennial era is the lack of attention from those around them (parents, friends, and relatives). As teachers who have special features in the hearts of their students, we can use this as a golden opportunity to help them in healing their wounds and solving daily problems by using various methods through counseling.
  Session 1MARCHITANIABilingualD-307Online
  Session 2MARCHITANIABilingualD-307Online
[Collapse]Title: Building up entrepreneurial skills in primary years - Is it possible? (TK-SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Building up entrepreneurship skills from a very early age will help students to become a young generation who are critical to identify problems around them and turn these problems into opportunities that they can use to develop some possibilities to solve the problems through their critical thinking. By using a design thinking approach we will see how the students develop their entrepreneurial skills to develop different interests and areas. Through simple steps and action we will see how they can become “The Agent of Change” for a better future.
  Session 1KUSRINIBilingualD-203Online
  Session 2STEFANA EVI INDRASARIBilingualD-203Online
[Collapse]Title: Creative Writing (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Teaching the joy of writing and discovering how writing is a great form of expression.
  Session 1LISA MARY COONEYBilingualD-315Online
  Session 2WAHYUDIBilingualD-315Online
[Collapse]Title: Desmos dan geogebra sebagai media pembelajaran di pengajaran matematika. (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Penggunaan Desmos dan Geogebra sebagai media pembelajaran matematika yang dapat membantu guru dalam memberikan materi pembelajaran matematika.
  Session 1AHMAD DWI TJAHYOIndonesiaD-303Online
  Session 2BUDI SANTOSOIndonesiaD-303Online
[Collapse]Title: Developing a Meaningful Physical Education teaching and learning in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Mengembangkan pembelajaran Pendidikan Jasmani, Olahraga, dan Kesehatan (PJOK) selama Covid - 19 pandemic
  Session 1DEDY SULISTYOIndonesiaD-201Online
  Session 2SOEWONDOIndonesiaD-201Online
[Collapse]Title: Developing Phonological Awareness in Emerging Readers (Early Years) (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Phonological awareness - being aware of the sounds around us, particularly the sounds of spoken language - is an important foundational skill in early literacy development. This workshop will touch a little on the theories of phonological awareness before moving on to using the majority of the session to share practical classroom strategies and activities to develop students' phonological awareness.
  Session 1MARCUS MICHAEL HINDSON TEMPLEBilingualD-204Online
  Session 2Erning & DianBilingualD-204Online
[Collapse]Title: Digital Citizenship in Schools (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: What does this look like on a day to day level. A practical guide to setting up a curriculum, modelling good practice and instilling a strong sense of responsible online behaviour. The use of Common Sense resources will be shown during this presentation.
  Session 1ADRIANNA ASTLEBilingualD-309Online
  Session 2JULIE IKAYANTIBilingualD-309Online
[Collapse]Title: Digital resources for online learning. (PG-TK)
 [Collapse]Description: Interactive digital resources for teaching the early years. (Nearpod, padlet, online games)
  Session 1KRESNA YUSWANTIIndonesiaD-314Online
  Session 2KENANG TANTRI LINTANG ANDARUIndonesiaD-314Online
[Collapse]Title: Enhancing the Learning Journey (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Fostering a growth mindset in the classroom enhances students' learning experiences and helps them to understand the learning pit as well as how challenges are part of learning. This workshop will focus on practical strategies that educators can apply in the classroom to promote independence, build confidence, and scaffold learning how to learn.
  Session 1BIANCA LUCCAS STARCKEnglishD-205Online
  Session 2GILLIAN O'HARAEnglishD-205Online
[Collapse]Title: How Science Hands-on activities adapt to the hybrid learning? (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Experiments are the nature of science. New normal has limited the this nature due to physical distancing. This workshop aims to give an alternative of science experiment through simulation that is still applicable to online and offline learning.
  Session 1BAYUBilingualD-312Online
  Session 2INDAH RAHAYU KARTIKABilingualD-312Online
[Collapse]Title: How to apply research skills and communication skills in the class. (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: The focus of research skills and communication skills are on helping students to develop and enjoy a lifetime of learning. Those skills empower students to succeed in meeting the challenging objectives of subject groups as well as prepare them for further success and help to prepare students for responsible participation in local and global communities.
  Session 1ANIK SETYAWARNIBilingualD-311Online
  Session 2DYAH AYU RATNAWATIBilingualD-311Online
[Collapse]Title: How to Succeed Project-Based Assessment using Design Thinking Process (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Project-based assessments are an alternative to assess students' learning which allow them to engage with their learning in more concrete ways. This is also made possible when we integrate Design thinking throughout the learning process. In this workshop, we will explore both ideas through practical examples and simulation on how it can be done in your context, so that participants can adapt and apply it directly to their class.
  Session 1YAN YULIUSBilingualD-209Online
  Session 2YAN YULIUSBilingualD-209Online
[Collapse]Title: Leadership in learning community (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Acknowledging the agency of all learning community members is essential for effective leadership. To build the conditions necessary to advance the school mission, the leadership team leads by establishing a shared purpose that establishes how the school is managed whilst building systematic critical reflection.
  Session 1Martin BlackburnBilingualHS (B 15)Online
  Session 2GATUT SAMUELBilingualHS (B 15)Online
[Collapse]Title: Menciptakan Komunitas Sekolah yang Sehat di Kenormalan Baru (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Workshop ini memberikan wawasan tentang Sekolah yang aman dan nyaman bagi warga sekolah terutama di masa pandemi. Pemateri akan membagikan pengalaman di dalam menjalankan protokol kesehatan, memantau dan mencegah Covid 19 di Sekolah, dan termasuk prosedur pencegahan ataupun penanganan siswa sakit / cedera ketika berkegiatan di dalam maupun luar sekolah.
  Session 1ANIK WINDI DARYANIIndonesiaD-316Online
  Session 2PURWATIIndonesiaD-316Online
[Collapse]Title: Mendukung Kesejahteraan Dasar Siswa di Sekolah / Supporting Basic Students Wellbeing in School. (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Secara umum, Kebutuhan akan perhatian yang lebih besar terhadap kesejahteraan kepada siswa sangat diperlukan untuk memastikan siswa aman, sehat dan mendapatkan pendidikan yang sesuai. Workshop ini bertujuan memberikan gambaran dasar keadaan kebutuhan kesejahteraan siswa di sekolah serta bagaimana sekolah dapat mulai mendukung atau meningkatkandukungan yang mereka berikan saat ini.
  Session 1BUDHI HARTOIndonesiaD-306Online
  Session 2Christina HannyIndonesiaD-306Online
[Collapse]Title: Menggunakan Microsoft Words dan Google Docs untuk Membuat Kutipan dan Bibliografi (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Microsoft Word dan Google Docs memiliki fitur yang dapat membantu para siswa untuk menyisipkan kutipan dan membuat bibliografi. Sesi ini bertujuan untuk menunjukkan dan berlatih penggunaan fitur tersebut dalam penulisan ilmiah.
  Session 1Mark HukomIndonesiaD-206Online
  Session 2YohanesIndonesiaD-206Online
[Collapse]Title: Mental Models For School Leadership (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Understand yourself better as a leader use efficient models and strategies for growing your capacity and supporting your teams more effectively. This workshop is suited for those in leadership positions at the school from grade and department level through to school level leaders. At the end of the session you will have some resources to better understand the type of leader you are and also some practical stragegies that you can use immediatly to lead and manage more effectively. The workshop will be held purely in English and there will be lots of discussion.
  Session 1STANLEY SUHADIEnglishD-313Online
  Session 2STANLEY SUHADIEnglishD-313Online
[Collapse]Title: Menyulap Suasana Pembelajaran Yang Memfasilitasi Agensi Siswa Pada Pembelajaran Hibrid (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: 1. Workshop ini mensharingkan pengalaman menyiapkan lingkungan pembelajaran yang menarik sehingga membuat siswa nyaman dalam pembelajaran hibrid 2. Melibatkan siswa untuk ikut menyuarakan pemikiran dan idenya dalam membentuk lingkungan pembelajaran hibrid 3. Membentuk lingkungan yang interaktif dan patuh protokol kesehatan pada siswa kelas kecil (kelompok usia 6-7 tahun)
  Session 1MIRNA PUTRANTIIndonesiaD-304Online
  Session 2LUCIA SEPTY MUNDIIndonesiaD-304Online
[Collapse]Title: Passion in Action (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: The Journey to Discover Life through Self Exploration
  Session 1NOVI ROSITAIndonesiaD-305Online
  Session 2NOVI ROSITAIndonesiaD-305Online
[Collapse]Title: Pembelajaran Seni Budaya Berbasis Proyek dengan Pemusatan pada Diferensiasi dan Perilaku Berpikir Kreatif Siswa (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: Di masa pandemi seperti ini, pembelajaran yang melibatkan kegiatan fisik sangat terbatas. Hal tersebut menjadi tantangan bagi guru untuk menemukan cara yang tepat memahami karakter siswa dan mengembangkan perilaku berpikir kreatif untuk menumbuhkan kreativitas dan inovasi siswa dengan menekankan produk berupa proyek terstruktur.
  Session 1FERY DWI NOVIYANTOIndonesiaD-207Online
  Session 2PAULUS HIMAWAN CAHYA UDADIIndonesiaD-207Online
[Collapse]Title: Penggunaan Taksonomi SOLO dalam penilaian formatif yang mendukung HOTS (SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Mengulas tujuan penilaian formatif dan penggunaannya dalam proses pembelajaran. Mengembangkan perencanaan pembelajaran dan penilaian yang mendukung HOTS .
  Session 1DIANA SUMADIANTIIndonesiaD-208Online
  Session 2AMBAR LISTIOWATIIndonesiaD-208Online
[Collapse]Title: Strategi melibatkan siswa dalam pembuatan kriteria penilaian. (SD-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Di era pendidikan sekarang kita sanggat perlu untuk menempatkan siswa sebagai agen perubahan. Sistem pendidikan kita rancang agar siswa menjadi pemilik dari pembelajaran tersebut. Guru dan siswa bisa berkolaburasi bersama untuk membuat kriteria penilaian.Siswa dapat mengevaluasi hasil pembelajaran mereka dan mengambilkan tindakan untuk meningkatkan hal yang masih belum tercapai dan masih perlu ditingkatkan.
  Session 1ERNI KUSNAWATIIndonesiaD-211Online
  Session 2HARLINA BASARIAIndonesiaD-211Online
[Collapse]Title: Strategies to Improve Participation in Virtual Classroom for Early and Lower Primary Grades (TK-SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Take a look at synchronous and asynchronous strategies to boost student motivation and engagement during online learning.
  Session 1YOSEPHINE MAYASARI USBOKOBilingualD-213Online
  Session 2JULIA IKA PRATIWIBilingualD-213Online
[Collapse]Title: Student voice and how to utilize it (UMUM)
 [Collapse]Description: This workshop will talk about how the student voice matters in a school environment and how their voice will always be heard
  Session 1Rizal DwiantoBilingualD-202Online
  Session 2Rizal DwiantoBilingualD-202Online
[Collapse]Title: Teacher Evaluation (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: High quality teaching is essential to improving student outcomes and reducing gaps in student achievement. Having an effective Teacher Performance Appraisal process provides teachers with meaningful appraisals that encourage professional learning and growth. The process is designed to foster teacher development and identify opportunities for additional support where required. By helping teachers achieve their full potential, the performance appraisal process represents a pathway to high(er) levels of student achievement.
  Session 1Terry Steven SwainBilingualHS (B 16)Online
  Session 2DESITA MEGANINGSIHBilingualHS (B 16)Online
[Collapse]Title: Technology for Interactivity and Engagement (TK-SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Take a closer look on how to make the learning in this pandemic situation more fun, interactive and engaging by using technology such as Nearpod, Padlet, Jamboard, Quizziz, etc
  Session 1BENEDICTO IVAN GUMALABilingualD-217Online
  Session 2Zachary LachBilingualD-217Online
[Collapse]Title: The Importance of Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Classroom (TK-SD)
 [Collapse]Description: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an essential aspect for students to understand. SEL is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for students to be successful in their learning journey. Students with strong social-emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically and socially.
  Session 1CAROLINA PATRISIA SERANBilingualD-301Online
  Session 2STEPHANIE ALGINOBilingualD-301Online
[Collapse]Title: Wellbeing Matters (SMP-SMA)
 [Collapse]Description: Is promoting wellbeing difficult? Is it possible to introduce the idea of mental health and wellbeing to high school students? How to make it less lecturing, more into practice and more fun? Explore the simple ways to introduce wellbeing and mental health that suit adolescents' characteristics in online settings. This session is suitable for school leaders, student welfare team and school counsellors.
  Session 1THRESSYE NATALIA NAINUPUBilingualD-302Online
  Session 2RIA CANDRA ISAWATIBilingualD-302Online
[Collapse]Title: Will hybrid learning become the future of education? (SD-SMP)
 [Collapse]Description: Schools focus heavily on supporting the government’s reopening plan, and hybrid learning could be key to students transitioning from online to offline. One question left, will hybrid mode become our new way of learning in the future?
  Session 1MERRY INGGARWATIBilingualD-308Online
  Session 2WIDARSO BEKTI KUMOROBilingualD-308Online